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Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Exploring the Landscape of Love

When you think of love, where does your mind go?

Influenced by life stage, media, upbringing we all have our "go-to" ideas about love. But what if there are loves we miss, love we give without realizing, love we receive without acknowledging?

When I was a teen, love from another was the big prize. Epic and all consuming! Someone to love me because I had such a hard time loving myself. As a young mother, love moved outside myself and I realized that I had the capacity to feel unconditional love so deeply.

As a widow I feel the loss of love as a gentle reminder. To cherish each moment together and to love OUT LOUD.

I was in my 30s when I realized that my ideas of love were quite myopic. That I hadn't really understood the essence of love. That it was so much bigger than I had ever considered. And so, for the past 30 years plus I have been paying attention.

How and what do I love?

Gratitude journals, meditations, quiet moments of realization, pain points, sadness, feelings of loss or emptiness were all part of this journey of discovery.

I found love of family, of community, of place, of earth and creation, and of humanity. But the singular, most important thing that I found was missing in my love life was my SELF.

As a peacemaker, optimist, dreamer and all around hope-filled human, I want to share my journey and bring my beloved community into the exploration of love. Journeys are so much richer in community!

I created Love Notes for Humanity so that we could travel together on this discovery of love. Where we give it and where we receive it. How to recognize it and fertilize it. Join me on this Love Life journey to explore what love means to you!

To celebrate the month of LOVE we are offering our Love Notes for Humanity workshop on both February 19th and February 27th!

Both classes will run from 1pm to 5 pm.

Love Notes for Humanity is a 4 hour, healing journey to reconnection, with a simple, beautiful gesture: a set of lovely, hand-painted, hand-written Soul Cards with a focus on love. Join us as we reach into ourselves to explore and understand our personal meaning and vision for love of Self, of Family, of Community, of Earth, and of Humanity. In this painting and journaling workshop, we will use a guided, metacognitive drawing process, delicious color, and heartfelt words to connect with our own ideas of love, creating a set of five beautiful, love-filled Soul Cards to take home and return to whenever you need inspiration. No artistic skill is required for this guided workshop and everything you need will be provided, even the snacks! Simply bring your open heart and your longing to reconnect and heal.

To maintain a healthy classroom, we require full, Covid vaccination and booster. Only 6 seats are available for each class, so book your seat soon!

"Sometimes the Heart sees what is invisible to the eye ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr

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