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Make your home your sanctuary

Happy Autumn!

This is, by far, my favorite time of year. Something stirs inside me and I feel the need to "nest", to fluff the pillows, clean out the fireplace and bake bread. I wonder if it is some ancient DNA trigger that is prompting me to prepare for shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather?

To help you as you settle into the fall and coming winter, we are offering several new workshops. Take a look and treat yourself, or someone you love to these special gatherings.

Autumn brings shorter days and longer nights, brighter moons, and cool sweater weather and, if we are not very careful, can also lead to a hectic flow of holidays, stressful family gatherings, and the rampant consumerism that starts before summer has even wound down.

Now, as the busy, outsideness of summer wanes and we turn inward to cocoon and snuggle in, it is the time to create the sanctuary you crave as you settle into this season of rest and reflection.

What does sanctuary mean to you and how can you bring more of that into your life? What does it look, smell, sound, and feel like?

Join us for Sanctuary of the Soul on Saturday, October 22nd from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, and dream into a peaceful sanctuary for your heart, family, home, and holiday gatherings.

Join a community of Journey Women seeking to know themselves better using creativity as a healing tool. Journey with us as we check in on where we are right now in our lives, where we want to go, and then create a treasure map into the future.

Using Intentional Creativity, mindfulness, and deep inquiry you will journey into your heart and design the future you desire. Create a beautiful, Cosmic Smashbook art journal, and use journaling techniques to express your longings and fears as you move through this guided, creative journey.

The Six Week Journey Woman adventure begins Sunday, November 13th, and meets weekly, each Sunday afternoon. Gift yourself this space of calm, deeply personal time to unwind and relax in the Peace Muse Studio's soul-calming space.

Legendary is a side-by-side, Cosmic Smashbook, art-journaling workshop for Girls, 10 to 14, and a special adult in their life. We will dive deep into imagining who we want to be in the world, how we have what it takes to be anything we want already inside us, and how to deal with the hard things that seem to get in the way. Each attendee will create her own multi-media Smashbook as they begin to imagine their life just the way they want to live it.

This wonderful, creative adventure is a deep dive into self-esteem, inner wisdom, personal choice, friendship, and self-love. We'll explore the stories we tell ourselves, learn to listen to our inner wisdom, and discover tools to help us make choices that align with our values.

We like to call this living with INTENTION and that is what Intentional Creativity is all about!

The six-week, Legendary journey begins Saturday, January 14th. Give this life-changing workshop as a special gift of time and connection to a girl in your life.

Smashbook Workshop attendees will also be invited to continue their journey by joining our exclusive Smashbook Alumni club. The first 3 months of Smashbook Saturdays are FREE for 3 full months. That's an additional $63 value, the use of the studio materials, and, of course, more cookies!!

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