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There is only one way to fail at creativity.

Creativity is innate to human beings. It's how we survive and evolve.

You do it every day.

You're doing it right now.

You create your life moment to moment.

The word creativity has been hijacked and sold as something that belongs only to those with "marketable", artistic talent.

I call bullshit.

Artistic ability is something one can be born with, like athletic prowess, musical capability, or the ability to lead, organize and manage. I can tell you this though, none of those folks who are recognized as skilled in their endeavors fell out of the womb that way. They worked at it and they worked hard!

You don't have to reach for artistic perfection to enjoy creativity. As a matter of fact, when I strive to perfect a piece that I am working on I often miss out on the joy of being in the creative moment.

If you do want to become a skilled artist, learn your medium and practice, practice, practice.

However, artistic skill is not the endgame of creativity. Joy, self-knowledge, relaxation,

healing, and a fuller life are the endgame of creativity.

Creativity is freedom from someone else's construct. It's listening to your inner Muse whispering, "I have something to show you! Relax, have fun, express the deliciousness inside you".

Creativity is playing with whatever tool is handy. It might be a pencil, a bucket turned upside down to become a drum, some cookie dough that wants to look like flowers. It can be crayons and coloring books, doodles during a meeting, or the best damn conversation you've ever had with your friends.

You can't get it wrong.

Are you a gardener? CREATIVITY!

Are you a parent? CREATIVITY!

Do you cook? CREATIVITY!

Are you an organizer, Uber driver, waiter, greeter a Walmart or retired and living your best life? CREATIVITY!

The first step to getting comfortable with creativity is to recognize the creative moments you have every day. When you are cooking, reading to your child, building a castle from a moving box with towers and windows and probably a dragon, you are experiencing your own creativity. It's there, every moment of every day.

So the next time you think about responding to an invitation to cre

ative play with that old line, "Oh, I'm not creative" think again.

The only way to fail at creativity is to ignore your longing to dive in and play.

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." -- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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