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Red Thread Circles

The Red Thread is a global symbol of protection and connection. Found in many cultures in rituals, ceremony, circles, as well as clothing, blankets, flags, weavings and storytelling, sacred circles, conversations and ceremonies are ancient and in each of our ancestral lineages.  

Through the passing of the red thread to one another, we connect and weave our stories together to create opportunities for personal and collective healing, transformation, growth, and celebration – all of which are amplified in community.

Some of our favorite types of circles to call are:

  • Celebration circles to honor a person or couple

  • Celebrations honoring a new or soon to be arriving baby

  • Transition circles to honor a change in life

  • Visioning circles to dream anew

  • Grief circles to honor life’s challenging moments

  • Belonging circles to aid in claiming our gift/piece

  • Nurturing circles to claim renewal


We’ll create sacred space to honor your special moments and work with you to custom design a Red Thread ceremony that compliments your gathering and leaves lasting connection and memories for all who attend.


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